Chassis Team Meeting – Apr 28 2015

Open PRs:

  • Meter Styling
    • on view.css, needs meter scss added to the compiled css file
  • Chassis Palette
    • sfrisk needs to change things
  • Table Styling
    • Alex going to go over in detail this week
  • Typography
    • Ready to land
  • BEM Components to Test Suite + Gumby and Skeleton to Test suite waiting on having files to be local


  • HTML Style Guide
    • Waiting for status form slayslot
  • Textinput/Textarea styling
    • michealarestad to work on this after typography
  • Buttons
    • sfrisk to work on this after palette changes done
  • SCSS and BEM Style Guide
    • Ready for someone to start writing
  • Create Styled Checkboxes/Radio Buttons for jQuery UI/Mobile Support
    • Waiting on buttons