Project Leads Meeting – Apr 29 2015

Attending: Timmy, Scott, Rafael, Kris, Alex, Richard

link Core

  • Released 1.11.3 and 2.1.4
  • Continuing work on 3.0

link UI

  • Fixed use of AMD in TestSwarm via a shim configuration
  • Adding .labels() method to mimic native element.labels
  • Removing 1.9 git build from CDN

link Mobile

  • esformatter
    • update all the files to get closes to following style guides
  • Starting to work on porting some tests to intern
  • Updated AMD wrapper to be UMD and match UI
  • Working on switching to UI Download builder

link Chassis

  • Typography getting ready to land
  • Base table styling about to land
  • Usage examples for logo looking good
  • Going to use colors from logos for initial color pallet
  • Getting started on form elements starting with buttons

link QUnit

  • no report

link PEP

link Globalize