Project Leads Meeting – May 13 2015

Attending: Alex, Scott, Dave, Sarah, Richard, Rafael

link Core

link UI

  • Lots of broken tests with jquery-git
  • Adding support for mixins in the widget factory
  • Going to start testing against a custom build of jQuery that excludes the event alias and deprecated modules

link Mobile

  • Landed new autoinit
  • landed classes for textinput
  • landing old PRs cleaning up some old stuff
  • labels, focus use
  • breaking up core files into individual modules

link Chassis

  • Phase One coming along nicely, typography has landed, with tables, color palettes, form inputs, and buttons in current active department
  • Beginning prep work for GSoC Student’s project for the Chassis Themeroller

link QUnit

  • no report

link PEP

  • Initial implementation for running W3C tests through Web Driver using Intern

link Globalize

  • Working on Runtime Optimization/Compiler (smaller and quicker code) for production #398.
  • WIP Non-gregorian support PR#447 (related issue #320).