Chassis Team Meeting – May 19 2015

Meeting focused around discussions regarding Chassis direction with Media Queries, Desktop/Mobile first, and how to customize Chassis for specific projects. In some cases a decision was not made, but it was agreed to return to the topic later.

  • Should we separate Media Queries from the base styling, or keep it together with the components?

  • Together: components and all styling are lumped together, so it is easy to find all the styling for a component

  • Separate: easier to separate out in a desktop vs responsive layout. we could have a MQ file for each module.

  • Mobile First vs Desktop First

  • General agreement was pro mobile first development

  • Discussion also went into how to best support upgrades, and it was decided that there should be custom theme files for each module to allow for customizations on a site by site basis, but also allow for an easy upgrade path for UI components/bug fixes.