Project Leads Meeting – Jun 10 2015

Attending: Scott, Alex, Richard, Rafael, Timmy, Sarah

link Core

link UI

  • Working on AMD for demos
    • Will allow us to more easily split UI core

link Mobile

  • Improvements to autoinit
  • improvements to modularization for smaller builds
  • reviewed and landed all the old PRs
  • landed more updates for classes option

link Chassis

  • Work has begun on the Chassis themeroller for GSOC
  • Work on having javascript generate the variable files for scss to make it easy to update variables with a local build or the themeroller
  • Table styling almost done
  • Once the colors is in a useable state, work will be finished on form elements.

link QUnit

  • no report

link PEP

  • Microsoft to help with automating the W3C tests
  • Possibly through jdalton
  • Hoping to get Stuart (community member) more involved
  • Sent a few PRs

link Globalize

  • Twitter team showed interest for flask babel approach that avoids needing to maintain a separate file of translation messages: related issue yahoo/react-intl#89.
  • Rafael provided them an experimental full app showcase using react-globalize + runtime compilation for proof of concept to them: React TodoMVC Example Using Globalize For Internationalization
  • Twitter (Nicolas Gallagher) replied "That sounds great. I would be very interested in trying 'react-globalize' with the component api. I did think the authoring experience in the demo looked great, and I can see that you've put a lot of effort into Globalize. Plus, our i18n team had a preference for Globalize and I would like them to be happy too :)."
  • Which sounded great so far.

link Project Representative

  • Alex nominated Gabriel Schulhof
  • No objects
  • Gabriel is interested
  • Need to hold a “formal” vote