jQuery Content Team Meeting – Jun 17 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 249 (+1)
  • Attending: Arthur, Anne, Karl, Corey, Hawley

link Content:

  • Progress: Anne started updating the new pages on Kris’s branch. Isaac will help also.
  • Should we consider setting up http -> https redirects for all sites?
  • Should we review all our sites on mobile?
    • There’s many things we can optimize.
    • Aurelio will work on this.
      • Anne to check whether Aurelio can get a browserstack account for Arthur and Aurelio for testing purposes
  • Info from Aurelio, also editor of the JS channel at SitePoint:
  • Hawley (@lady3bean) is reviewing our learn site. Thanks a lot for the help!
    • Hawley will try to remove shorthand methods and swapped them for their .on("eventName") counterparts as much as possible, and also make examples more realistic.