Project Leads Meeting – Jun 24 2015

Attending: Alex, Timmy, Rafael, Jörn

link Core

  • Shooting for July 6 alpha release
  • 5 blockers to finish up, still thrashing on show/hide
    • will probably drop the performance fix in favor of features (hopefully, Chrome will improve when retrieving a computed display value)

link UI

  • Working towards 1.12 beta
  • Still working on button, AMD-demos
  • Answer on button a11y issue, “doesn’t matter”
  • Fixing DB 1.12 packer issues, required for beta and Mobile 1.5

link Mobile

  • Closing out remaining 1.5 issues
  • landing 1.5 PR’s
  • All things 1.5

link Chassis

  • No update

link QUnit

link PEP

  • Discussing support of css touch-action (instead of attribute) #151

link Globalize

  • Good progress on the non-gregorian support PR#447 made by Daniel (a collaborator) (related issue #320).
    • Might lead in using a separate library for calendrical calculations (which is sufficiently complex by its own). I got Edwin (from LG) engaged (iLib has good calendar support), so maybe we both collaborate on it.

link Other

  • Looking forward to Gabriel joining these going forward, as new Project Representative Director
  • Would’ve been nice to have this meeting in SF