Project Leads Meeting – Jul 08 2015

Attending: Scott, Alex, Jörn, Rafael, Kris, Sarah

link Core

  • Releasing 3.0.0 alpha today

link UI

link Mobile

  • Fix remaining 1.5 issues.
  • landed a lot of PRs
  • Closing issues for 1.5 triaging remaining
  • Update css for style guide
  • Landing remaining classes PRs
  • Finishing new enhancer module updates

link Chassis

  • A lot of interest at the conference, some PRs and Issues commented on as a result
  • Good progress on ThemeRoller
  • JSASS is almost ready to land, will allow SASS variables to be accessible via the JS in the themeroller

link QUnit

link PEP

  • Working on full W3C test automation
    • Submitting tests to W3C when we find holes
    • Sparked a discussion in W3C about using WebDriver

link Globalize