Chassis Team Meeting – Jul 21 2015

Attending Members: sfrisk, kristyjy, arschmitz, arthurvr, geekman-rohit

  • Contributing: Adding information about the weekly IRC meeting
  • Addresses the need to attract contributors, allows them to know about the IRC meeting
  • sfrisk to add link to meeting log, and mention IRC log link, arschmitz will add a few more comments
  • Buttons: Initial pass at buttons, covering sizes, options, disabled, active, focus, and hover states
  • Basic pass at buttons, and a more in depth test of the BEM naming convention
  • Not ready to pull in, but needs review. Also need color contrasting that passes accessibility standards.
  • Todo: add in button blocks, and create issue for control groups, add buttons for info, success, warning, error states
  • Media Query Mixin
  • Not be required anymore
  • Close pr and issue, but need to adjust how media queries work for different screen breakpoints
  • Have 4 breakpoints, $viewport-xs (400), $viewport-sm (768), $viewport-md (920), $viewport-lg (1200)
  • Submit PR to add breakpoint variables and update typography media queries to match this style
  • Build: add jsass-vars and completely modularize grunt
  • Some style fixes need to be made, then this can be pulled in
  • Table styling
  • Any update on this? Table Styling needs to move forward, if MichealArestad is no long around, someone should work on this issue.