Project Leads Meeting – Jul 22 2015

Attending: Alex, Timmy, Jörn, Rafael, Sarah, Richard, Gabriel

link Core

link UI

link Mobile

  • Device testing of 1.5-dev
  • More classes PRs landing
  • PRs to update all of the test to new qunit API
  • Breaking up core files and accounting for ui core break up
  • Almost 50 new PRs in last 2 weeks, plowing through reviews and landing

link Chassis

link QUnit

link PEP

link Globalize

  • Several in-progress PRs:
    • Runtime support: PR#436 (writing documentation).
    • Tests using intern: PR#450 (review).
    • Non-gregorian calendars: PR#447; calendar conversion code should live somewhere else, maybe pull from iLib (which we can’t use, yet).
    • Extra datetime patterns: PR#462 (waiting for contributor to fix the reviews)
    • Webpack support: #441.

link Other

  • Board news?
    • EC meeting skipped yesterday
    • Looking for accessibility expert (see jquery-devs-team email from Kris)
    • Nothing new from the other initiatives
  • Intern migration in progress on multiple of our projects, though nothing landed, yet. Globalize seems closest.
    • UI PRs need reviews
  • CLA checks
  • browserstack-runner is alive again, now supports local server and should work (better) on Windows
  • js-reporters is making progress, working on spec and implementing adapters and reporters. Still looking for feedback on spec proposals.
    • Alex will mention it to Colin, maybe that can get the stone rolling again