Chassis Team Meeting – Aug 04 2015

Attending Members: sfrisk, kristyjy, arschmitz

Performance Testing PRs:

  • Performance: Add BEM-Components to test suite
  • Not ready to be pulled in
  • Need the work on #60 to be completed first, write tests that test what we want, have a way to run them where the environment will be consistent, make this work with chassis demos and integrate into our CI. Will need to create seperate issues to encompass the scope of work
  • Performance: Add checkbox to performance suite
  • Not ready to be pulled in

Build Related PRs

  • The Build is Fixed!
  • Build: make JSCS and JSHint lint the grunt config too
  • merge conflict, sfrisk to fix while arthurvr is away on vacation
  • Linting: Add scss variable files to linting
  • fix needs to be removed
  • Build: heirarchial prefixer for scss variable files
  • Please Review
  • Build: add accessibility testing
  • Please Review

CSS/SCSS Related PRs

  • Typography: Add breakpoint variables and use them
  • Please Review
  • [hidden] { display: none !important; }
  • Please Review
  • Buttons: Initial pass at buttons, covering sizes, options, disabled, active, focus, and hover states
  • sfrisk needs to merge in master changes to adjust variables
  • sfrisk needs to also come up with better contrasting colors
  • Table styling
  • This PR work can be taken over by someone else. Volunteers?


  • Style Guide: Initial commit of SCSS style guide
  • Initial PR in, please review
  • Contributing: Adding information about the weekly IRC meeting
  • sfrisk to make updates
  • README: Improve wording, formatting, links, headers
  • Please Review