Project Leads Meeting – Aug 05 2015

Attending: Gabriel, Alex, Rafael, Jörn, Sarah, Richard, Timmy

link Core

  • Okay to make jQuery.access (gh-2513), jQuery.dir and jQuery.sibling (gh-2512) private?
    • Okay for UI and Mobile.
  • gh-2505: Degrading support for Android 2.3 in master: only guarantee successful interpretation and lack of exceptions (still fully supported in compat, as will be non-browser environments [gh-2501)

link UI

  • Finishing core-breakup, lots of rebasing of button rewrite afterwards
  • Once that is done and button is reviewed and merge, we can release 1.12 (beta or RC?)
  • Met with IBM about bidi contributions to jQuery UI, start with RTL support for datepicker rewrite.

link Mobile

  • IBM Bidi will also be helping with jQuery Mobile
  • Landing classes PRs
  • Updated Collapsible
  • Working on updating to UI download builder

link Chassis

  • Build is fixed! :-D
  • jsass landed, working on converting existing PRs to using jsass for variables
  • Finalizing a lot of commonly used variables for use in media queries
  • various build PRs to improve linting across project
  • Adding accessibility testing w/ grunt-axe-webdriver
  • Initial SCSS style guide, undergoing review
  • Working on picking out default color scheme that is accessibility friendly
  • Overall PRs are picking up and commits from outside the usual group is picking up
  • Performance testing - working on getting that to apply to Chassis demos

link QUnit

  • Going to release 1.19 soon

link PEP

  • Decided to support CSS touch-action with style attribute and working around invalid style properties using mutation observers (which PEP already uses). Removes need to generate and inject stylesheets.
  • John Dalton working on W3C test automation

link Globalize

  • Runtime support close to land.
  • Question: Separate distribution files for AMD and CJS instead of using UMD? #467
    • Original problem: webpack tries to use AMD (because it shows up first) instead of CJS: #441
  • Twitter: Nicolas might be back from vacation. Need to resume talk.

link Other

  • jquery-license now looks at all names for a given email address and outputs errors for “neglected” authors; remaining tasks are posting a comment on unsigned new PRs and checking for broken clones
  • Good progress on js-reporters, implementing adapters and infrastructure to test those. Still looking for feedback on proposed event data. gitter
    • nice for the GitHub integration
    • makes cross-project collaboration harder unless everyone uses it
    • Maybe we can improve our GitHub integration on IRC instead? Timmy to look into that