Chassis Team Meeting – Aug 11 2015

Attending Members: sfrisk, kristyjy, arschmitz, geekman-rohit

Performance Testing PRs:

  • Localize downloads
  • part of the work for issue #60
  • geekman-rohit to update using bower/bower copy
  • Also seems there is a selenium server error on perf, geekman-rohit to look into

Build Related PRs

  • Build: make JSCS and JSHint lint the grunt config too
  • sfrisk to pull in
  • Linting:Add scss variable files to linting
  • sfrisk to pull in
  • Build: add accessibility testing
  • please review
  • Build: heirarchial prefixer for scss variable files
  • Wait on this, will see if it will be useful for the buttons PR