Project Leads Meeting – Aug 19 2015

Attending: Scott, Alex, Rafael, Richard, Timmy

link Core

link UI

  • Finished splitting up core
  • Had a discussion with IBM about bidi/LTR support
    • They’re planning on being as active as they were with dojo
    • Will start with datepicker

link Mobile

  • toolbar updates ready to land
  • splitting up all files with more than one distinct module
    • helpers
    • navigation
    • core
  • switching from display:none to visibility hidden for hidden pages
  • updating to new qunit
  • finishing last few 1.5 PRs

link Chassis

  • Buttons and Meter/Progress PR out, both using the jsass-vars. However currently on hold for discussions on BEM modifier attributes. See for more detail.
  • Working on getting performance testing to start working on Chassis demo code, also adding localized downloads, removing selenium errors
  • Automated accessibility testing still currently in the works
  • Added linting to all of our tasks/scss variable files/grunt config

link QUnit

  • Added support for Map and Set in diffs

link PEP

  • Decided to switch to using style attribute with touch-action css instead of custom touch-action attribute
  • John Dalton continuing to add tests
    • Style sheets with touch-action

link Globalize

  • Runtime support
    • Reviewed by Jörn, Karl (docs), and Arthur (docs).
  • Webpack example 70% complete PR#481 (issue #464).

link Other