Project Leads Meeting – Sep 02 2015

Attending: Sarah, Timmy, Scott, Gabriel, Rafael, Richard

link Core

link UI

link Mobile

  • Selectmenu, table, and panel need updates for classes option
  • Working on update to handle UI’s core breakup

link Chassis

  • After a lot of discussion regarding naming conventions with BEM, decided to go with a ‘BE M M M M’ naming convention, where modifiers are their own separate classes to make sure that elements with multiple modifiers aren’t a complete headache
  • This means that a few ongoing PRs need to be redone, currently in the process of doing that, and stuff should be up for review by next week

link QUnit

  • Released 1.19.0 with support for Map and Set in equal assertion

link PEP

  • Getting more frequent bug reports, which means we must be gaining users :-)

link Globalize

link Other

  • Edge added to TestSwarm for jQuery Core and jQuery UI