jQuery Content Team Meeting – Sep 09 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 266 (+7)
  • Attending: Arthur, Aurelio, Karl, Alex, Anne

link Content:

  • Mobile Api docs will need to be updated to core 1.11.1 for mobile 1.4.5
  • New grunt-jquery-content feature allows to setup redirects in the repo (redirects.json)
    • Arthur working on moving all redirects from the infrastructure repo to the repos
    • Example: api.qunitjs.com/pull/108
    • Should be finished soon as there are only a few sites to go
  • Status on the http -> https redirects?
    • We should implement
    • issues with mixed content so we need to make sure that refs to http are changed to https
  • Globalizejs docs: a new contributor has offered to help :-)