jQuery Core Team Meeting – Oct 26 2015

Attending: timmywil, gibson042, DaveMethvin, markelog, m_gol

link Issues needing review

link PRs

link 2.2/1.12 planning

  • Generate a list of commits
  • markelog to start it
  • Focus on this release before doing beta
  • Also, this takes precedence before new 3.0 migrate
  • 1.12-stable branch

link Include some sort of semver designation in commit messages

  • commitplease issue
  • Note in contribution docs

link Follow up with Mozilla on desired DOM API changes (https://mths.be/bun)

  • exposing the style cascade for show/hide
  • test focusin/focusout support
  • more (e.g., resolved values) from getComputedStyle

link Current failures on master and compat

  • None