Chassis Team Meeting – Oct 27 2015

Attending Members: sfrisk, kristyjy, geekman-rohit, arthurvr, arschmitz

  • First official meeting at brand new meeting time! (2pm ET)
  • jQuery Developer Summit went well, and we had a lot of new contributors.
  • Please Review the following PRs
  • Add some fixes to the readme
  • WIP Table Styling - Opened new PR to replace old table styling PR
  • Typography: Added Color Variables
  • In the process of organizing a Chassis Hackathon weekend. Currently sfrisk is working at trying to get this to be a more formal environment
  • Brought up need to create a JSASS style guide for how we want to organize variables for JSASS.
  • geekman-rohit to create a PR to remove the '^' in the grunt-html version requirements