Chassis Team Meeting – Nov 24 2015

Attending: sfrisk, geekman-rohit, kristyjy

  • Build: Upgrade JSCS
  • need to add check for tabs/spaces, was taken out of jquery presets
  • Variables: Initial pass on button variables
  • sfrisk submitted PR on button variables for JSASS discussions
  • Opening up discussion to community about the use of maps vs variables and when each is appropriate.
  • sfrisk and geekman-rohit to do more thorough research on this.
  • Meter/Progress Bars
  • geekman-rohit continues work on this, waiting on the decision on JSASS variables, but should have something up for PR soon
  • sfrisk to create a timeline on features to deliver on and which items are dependent on what for phase one. Will be presented at the next Chassis meeting.