Chassis Team Meeting – Dec 15 2015

Attending: sfrisk, kristyjy, geekman-rohit, arschmitz

Winter Wrap Up: The Pull Request Edition

  • Performance: Add BEM-Components to test suite
  • Old, blocked, closing
  • Performance: Add checkbox to performance suite
  • Old, blocked, closing
  • Buttons: Initial pass at buttons, covering sizes, options, disabled, active, focus, and hover states
  • Closed in favor of #138
  • Typography: Add breakpoint variables and use them
  • Will pull in this in after geekman-rohit updates
  • [hidden] { display: none !important; }
  • Pulling this in, adjust css-lint settings to avoid errors
  • Build: heirarchial prefixer for scss variable files
  • Closing
  • Style Guide: Initial commit of SCSS style guide
  • close to an update, moving the accessibility stuff to an issue in for the css style guide, tweaking the BEM area based on our new definitions of BEM make issue for CSS style guide
  • Build: add accessibility testing
  • Merge, test, and land
  • Progress and Meter styling
  • Geekman-rohit to rework
  • Localize downloads.
  • close this until we're ready to super focus on perf will start perf in phase two
  • [WIP] typography: added color variables
  • Close in favor of #134
  • [WIP] Add jsass variables to typography
  • Sending a message to check on status of PR, looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile and is currently in an unfinished state