jQuery Content Team Meeting – Dec 16 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 278 (-2)
  • Attending: Arthur, Anne, Aurelio, Karl

link api.jquery.com

link Content:

link Ongoing issues

  • Aurelio fixed issues with the WP website (PRs have been and are being reviewed)
    • https://github.com/jquery/jquery-wp-content/pull/374 still needs to be reviewed
      • Karl reviewed
        • seems like there are still some issues with the width / padding / negative margins at various breakpoints.
        • Aurelio’s PR fixes some of the issue. Karl will take it from here and add additional fixes.
  • New grunt-jquery-content feature allows to set up redirects in the repo (redirects.json)
  • Status on the http -> https redirects?
  • Date of next meeting: 13th January 2016