jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jan 11 2016

Attending: timmywil, DaveMethvin, markelog, m_gol

link 2.2/1.12 released!

  • The internet hasn’t blown up. Yay!
  • 1.12/2.2 docs merged
  • migrate status? Needs a release for 1.12/2.2.

link Sizzle update committed to jQuery

link show/hide progress

link $.when + progress

  • Assigned to Dave

link Migrate

link Issues needing review

link PRs

link Branches

  • compat removed!

  • Another review of tickets/PRs with a 3.0.0 milestone that might need moving to 1.12/2.2 to be done by m_gol

link Current failures on master

  • None