Testing Team Meeting – Jan 13 2016


  • event-emitter:
    • currently stalled (missing dedicated time)
    • needs to detach node grunt process to another PR
    • needs to complete PR with events details
  • deprecation warnings:
  • before/after PR:
  • contributors and members:
    • Mixed is helping a lot, it's good to call him for more contributions.
    • Raphamorim expressed a will to contribute frequently, needs some guidance on code style and current issues.
    • Let's try async meetings on emails?
  • QUnit release
    • testing and releasing a new version (patch/minor?) before the before/afer PR
    • main reason: time. I (Leo) don't want to wait so long between releases. It's also easier to detect regressions.
  • js-reporter: needs update
  • node-qunit: needs update