jQuery Core Team Meeting – Mar 07 2016

Attending: timmywil, m_gol, DaveMethvin, gibson042

link Fixing the 3.0.0 milestone

  • A non-trivial amount of issues backported to 1.12/2.2 had a 3.0.0 milestone
  • m_gol looked at all 3.0.0 issues and changed the relevant ones, adding a comment: “This has been backported to 1.12.0 & 2.2.0 so I changed the milestone (it used to say 3.0.0).”
  • What should we do about those tickets? They weren’t mentioned in the 1.12.0/2.2.0 blog post, they won’t be mentioned in the 3.0.0 one.
    • Timmy can add them to the blog post if we compile a list

link Changelogs

  • Create changelog archive page for core?
    • 3.0+ only
  • Dave to start an upgrade guide on jquery.com

link PRs

link Migrate