Chassis Team Meeting – Mar 08 2016

Attending: sfrisk, kristyjy, geekman-rohit, thej, sagarhani


  • Work almost done, arschmitz is updating jsass and grunt plugin for jsass, just needs to published/tested
  • asrchmitz is also writing up docs to help with use
  • Buttons
  • ‘not-allowed’ variable added and tweaks to default
  • sfrisk to pull in
  • Typography Variables
  • Pulled In!
  • Testing: Added Pure for sass unit testing #35
  • thej to look into the current lib for pure and pending prs to see what uses we can find for Pure
  • thej to write more example tests
  • Typography: Added basic styles for paragraphs and lists
  • Recently update, please review
  • Accessibility testing
  • arschmitz to pull in

To Do For Next Week kristyjy: tables sfrisk: pull in buttons pr, finish up inputs geekman-rohit: meter arschmitz: jsass work, pull in accessibility thej: look into Pure, come up with some more test examples everyone: review basic styles for paragraph and lists