jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 13 2016

Attending: timmywil, DaveMethvin, gibson042, markelog, jbedard

link 3.0 Released!

link Issues needing review

link 3.0.1

link Migrate

link jQuery 4.0 event changes WIP

  • Using one aEL per jQuery event and native event object:
  • https://github.com/dmethvin/jquery/commits/v4-native-events
  • Seems to pass jQuery UI unit tests
  • Not too many fails in our units: http://imgur.com/tewiRFR
  • Issues with stopPropagation on delegated events, success depends on whether the delegated ones are attached first since we're doing 1:1 handlers
  • Could we use a capturing handler somehow to fix this? (jbedard)
  • Still need to review use of jQuery.event.special and .trigger()
  • Can we use native event for .trigger() and not even do our own bubbling in most cases?