js-reporters Team Meeting – Jul 04 2016

12:00 UTC (noon), IRC, Freenode, #jquery-meeting; attending: Jörn Zaefferer (project lead, GSoC mentor), Florentin Simion (GSoC student, working on js-reporters)

  • First meeting!

  • Since the start of the program: Created an extensive testsuite to thoroughly test all 3 adapters. Rewrote all adapters, fixing a lot of bugs in the process. Meanwhile migrated from esperanto to rollup. Update tap-reporter to TAP 13, adding tests for that as well

  • Last week: Focus on getting js-reporters adapters into browserstack-runner. Discussed/reviewed issue in their existing tests. Trying to decide how to deal with older framework versions, built separate tests for those.

  • This week:

  • Later:

    • Address issues with nested suites and suite names
    • Reboot communication with Mocha and Jasmine
    • Implement js-reporters support in QUnit