js-reporters Team Meeting – Jul 11 2016

12:00 UTC (noon), IRC, Freenode, #jquery-meeting; attending: Jörn Zaefferer (project lead, GSoC mentor), Florentin Simion (GSoC student, working on js-reporters)

  • Last week:

    • Landed versions tests, for now without CI integration.
    • Update browserstack-runner integration to replace existing plugin with a single js-reporters plugin (except jasmine1).
    • Fixed Mocha adapter to keep the original reporter in place, allows browserstack-runner to still have the HTML reporter output
    • Published js-reporters 1.0 on npm
  • This week:

    • Finish browserstack-runner integration: Fix loading js-reporters dist from node_modules. Fix globalSuite.runtime issue with Mocha adapter. Create PR, get it landed
    • Once that PR is ready: Fix issues with nested suites and suite names
    • Once PR landed: Reboot communication with Mocha and Jasmine