jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jul 18 2016

Attending: timmywil, gibson042, jbedard, m_gol, DaveMethvin, markelog

link 3.1.1 > 3.2.0

  • Should we wait with merging PRs targeted at 3.2.0 while we wait for 3.1.1?
    • Yes, if they can’t go in 3.1.1 instead
  • Mark all PRs with the appropriate milestone. Do not merge PRs that are not for the upcoming milestone.

link Run tests on a slim, selector-native, ready-no-deferred builds

  • Set up periodic jobs for these builds
  • Build commands: slim is built with the default, grunt custom:-sizzle, grunt custom:-deferred

link Deprecations, let's decide on them all

link Slim & deprecated.js

link PRs