js-reporters Team Meeting – Jul 25 2016

12:00 UTC (noon), IRC, Freenode, #jquery-meeting; attending: Jörn Zaefferer (project lead, GSoC mentor), Florentin Simion (GSoC student, working on js-reporters)

  • Last week:

    • browserstack-runner PR got merged!
    • Christoph Hiller (@boneskull) is contributing! Interested in integrating js-reporters in Mocha. Already helped review/design assertions properties.
    • Implemented fullName prop, array with suite and test names, empty array for global suite
  • This week:

    • Finish normalizing assertions (as part of #80)
    • Update spec, add details (#30)
    • Add examples to readme (#27)
    • Discuss tests emitting order (#62)
    • Will update browserstack-runner to latest js-reporters once testEnd with assertions is released. Also to fix IE8 regression.