jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 24 2019

Attending: timmywil, mgol, jbedard, markelog, gibson042

Location: https://gitter.im/jquery/meeting

link jQuery 4.0 timeline and the future

  • Are we okay with all the removals and breaking changes happening in 4.0?
    • Yes, but it’s going to be work
  • I'm okay with supporting 3.x for a while even when 4.x is released to help allay the concerns of users like Drupal
    • This is likely
  • Slim build
    • Perhaps exclude deferred/Callbacks
  • What do we envision the future of jQuery is? For instance, I'm not really looking to gain more users, just take care of the ones we have. But should we look at modernizing jQuery more and making it more useful in the modern era?
    • No, not modernize. We will continue to support our users, but will not actively seek further growth.
    • align with native as much possible, remove what is unnecessary, and fix things. Issues needing review
  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pull/4406 Port sizzle tests
  • Needs review. I’m okay with merging and then incrementing later if need be.

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