jQuery Core Team Meeting – Mar 11 2024

Attending: timmywil, mgol

Location: https://app.gitter.im/#/room/#jquery_meeting:gitter.im

link Testing infra migrated on both main and 3.x!

  • includes filestash workflow to update git versions of jQuery
  • jQuery core no longer relies on jenkins
  • next steps:
    • add testing infra to jquery-migrate, add filestash workflow
    • test main 3 browsers in UI, add filestash workflow, and remove its jenkins dependency
      • latest 1.x
      • latest 2.x
      • latest 3.x
      • latest 4.x
      • 3.x git
      • git
    • jquery color: same infra as UI, drop filestash workflow and remove their links on releases.jquery.com

link jQuery 4.0 beta followup

link PRs