PEP Team Meeting – Jun 11 2015

PEP Team Meeting – May 21 2015

PEP Team Meeting – May 14 2015

  • Style guide landed
    • Alex updating quotes to use double quotes
  • Functional tests landed
  • Scott looking into failing unit tests
  • No PEWG call this week
    • Still waiting to discuss Web Driver tests and events after pointer capture is released

PEP Team Meeting – May 05 2015

PEP Team Meeting – Apr 30 2015

PEP Team Meeting – Apr 09 2015

  • Ready to release
    • Scott and Alex did some manual testing in lots of browsers/devices
    • Aim for release on Monday
    • Scott and Jacob to work on blog post
  • Scott, Alex, and Jacob should have time next week to work on automating W3C tests

PEP Team Meeting – Apr 02 2015

  • ES3 support
    • For now continue to rely on ES5 features
    • Look into a custom build that replaces the use of ES5 features that can’t be properly polyfilled (to avoid the use of es5-sham)
    • Only a concern for less than a year, until Microsoft officially drops support for IE8
  • W3C tests
    • Replace the test harness reporter with a custom reporter that accumulates the results and passes them to Intern
  • Ready to release?
    • Do some manual testing first
  • jquery/PEP vs. jquery.pep.js