Testing Team Meeting – Jun 15 2012

  • QUnit 1.8.0 is out
  • TestSwarm is getting better one small step at a time.
  • Dual clone’s are gone everywhere, speeds up a job for a few seconds, and will help to doing -git CDN deploys
  • Deployed John Bender's grunt-junit plugin to jQuery UI job

Testing Team Meeting – Jun 07 2012

Released QUnit 1.7.0! There's now an official phantomjs runner addon, stack traces are much more useful (more lines if available), and various other small improvements. From the changelog:

  • Add config.requireExpects. Fixes #207 – Add option to require all tests to call expect().
  • Improve extractStacktrace() implementation. Fixes #254 – Include all relevant stack lines
  • Make filters case-insensitive. Partial fix for #252
  • is() expects lowercase types. Fixes #250 – Expected Date value is not displayed properly
  • Fix phantomjs addon header and add readme. Fixes #239
  • Add some hints to composite addon readme. Fixes #251
  • Track tests by the order in which they were run and create rerun links based on that number. Fixes #241 – Make Rerun link run only a single test.
  • Use QUnit.push for raises implementation. Fixes #243
  • CLI runner for phantomjs
  • Fix jshint validation until they deal with /** */ comments properly
  • Update validTest() : Simplify logic, clarify vars and add comments
  • Refactor assertion helpers into QUnit.assert (backwards compatible)
  • Add Rerun link to placeholders. Fixes #240

Testing Team Meeting – Jun 01 2012

Second QUnit meeting happened on Thursday. The focus was on triaging all existing tickets. In the process we closed a few as invalid, fixed two with actual code changes, and clarified a few other. Documentation tickets will be handled once the qunitjs.com site is a little further. Once module filtering and their visual display is improved, 1.7.0 is ready for release.

Testing Team Meeting – May 04 2012

QUnit 1.6.0 was released, featuring a stable composite addon, a few bug fixes and enhancements. More details in the changelog.

swarm.jquery.org is now running TestSwarm 1.0.0.

Jenkins integration is now done via node-testswarm, making improvements a lot easier and moving configurations into the individual projects. That makes them also a lot less dependent on Jenkins itself.

TestSwarm-BrowserStack is now using the TestSwarm 1.0.0 API, removing the dependency on auto-increment IDs. Its also gotten better at dealing with BrowserStack queue limits, making more efficient use of their service. The module now has more documentation, making it easier to use for other projects.

Krinkle wrote Automated Distributed Continuous Integration for JavaScript, outlining how to combine all these various projects into one whole automation setup.

Testing Team Meeting – Apr 27 2012

QUnit’s composite addon is now using the new callback registration mechanism, making it a lot more compatible with other code using those callbacks. Rerun links to open the individual testsuite.

The QUnit website is coming together, with a docpad-based repo at https://github.com/jquery/qunitjs.com. Contributions welcome! For now this is deployed via GitHub pages at qunitjs.com, but will soon migrate to the WordPress-based deployment that all other jQuery properties will use.

TestSwarm 1.0 is basically done, but still waits for updates on BrowserStack and Jenkins integrations. Once those are done, TestSwarm 1.0 will be official. In the meantime, we’ve revived the @TestSwarm Twitter account.

Testing Team Meeting – Apr 07 2012

Released QUnit 1.5.0:

* Modify “Running…” to display test name. Fixes #220
* Fixed clearing of sessionStorage in Firefox 3.6.
* Fixes #217 by calling “block” with config.current.testEnvironment
* Add stats results to data. QUnit.jUnitReport function take one argument { xml:’ * Add link to MDN about stack property

Krinkle working on TestSwarm, integrating phpbrowscap to replace manually updated useragents in database with external list, automatically updated. Overhauled theme using Twitter’s Bootstrap. Getting close to 0.3.0 release.

Testing Team Meeting – Mar 30 2012

A few small fixes landed in QUnit: The testresult element now displays what test is currently running, which helps with lots of async test and “Hide passed tests” enabled. Update grunt.js to latest Grunt version.

Lots of work in progress on TestSwarm, thanks to Timo ‘Krinkle’ Tijhof. Still working on refactoring to page/action structure.

Testing Team Meeting – Mar 05 2012

Had the first QUnit IRC meeting this week, going through most open tickets to figure out what to focus on. Some, like simulating events, still need a lot more thinking and input, others will get addressed over the next days/weeks. Will do a followup meeting, probably at the same time (Thursday, noon EST).